An Empath’s Life

     What does it mean to be an empath? Well, according to an online definition it simply refers to a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. Empaths are said to be natural healers who understand things on a deeper level than the physical. They are born with a “sense of knowing” on how to help others heal by aiding with a compassionate guidance. They are not quick to judge, but they are quick to love with great care and understanding.
     Empaths abhor anything negative, especially violence. It’s difficult for them to comprehend the injustice of the sufferer. For many with this gift (or curse, depending on one’s view), it’s not easy walking into a crowded room or hanging out at large venues due to the fact that there are so many different mixed emotions all jumbled up into one place. For me when I walk into such a place, I tend to get dull, annoying headaches that won’t subside until after leaving the event.
     However, growing up with this ability wasn’t something that was so easy for me simply because I didn’t know what it was. I was always experiencing other people’s emotions and thought they were my own.Throughout the years, it has become easier for me to walk into a room and automatically sense if someone is having either a good day or a bad day. Also, I can often “sense” the presence of a spirit. Suddenly, I’ll be able to “smell” a certain odor or fragrance when no one else can. Or I’ll get a “feeling” of a spirit that’s nearby. With any situation, I strongly believe in protecting oneself. With time, I’ve learned to “shield” myself from others’ emotions through meditation and other mental exercises using white light protection with the use of candles.
     Since I’ve learned how to differentiate others’ feelings from my own, it’s now easier for me to identify with people and to help them on a compassionate level. It was often difficult for me to openly talk about being an empath because I was concerned with the views of others. It was much easier to shy away from the subject and not discuss it at all. But as I got older, I decided to embrace this ability and share my experiences. I like to consider being an empath as a true gift because it helps me to better understand the world around me.

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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.


9 thoughts on “An Empath’s Life

  1. Empathy as it relates to people could just be having a really good handle on watching for social cues. Kinda like how some people are really good at telling if you’re lying or what have you.


  2. I understand this so much it hurts.. In fact your blog came to me on a day that has been one of pain inside.. Before seeing your blog, I wrote about my pain this morning.. It is quite difficult to describe because as you said, people usually judge me and if I voice my “ability” I am either perceived as a wacko or a braggart.. I have yet to really know how to deal with the turmoil I feel as an empath.. There are days ( many of them) I simply stay away from people.. Writing is my only help.. I cannot tell at times if it is me or the other person, however I usually refuse crowds.. I as you said, get sick and just feel awful until I am back to my net of safety.. I can sense negative spirits and now I feel strongly my daughter can as well and I know if so.. We have some trying times ahead.. I know I am rambling but being an empath has caused me great problems and I really wish most times I could not feel people’s intentions, emotions or thoughts because usually if I say anything it becomes confrontational ..also it hurts knowing their feelings and the pain is excruciating… which hurts terribly and no one understands! Thank you for your blog and I am a fan for sure.. Caro

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    • Thank you, Caro! Writing is a great way to help sort out emotions, I agree. Another wonderful thing that helps me with being an empath (and it may help you as well, if you don’t already do it) is meditation. Meditation helps in so many ways… not just only by cleansing the mind, but it also helps to calm oneself. Hope this helps and please, know that you are never alone…. 🙂

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  3. If you cannot tell whether the emotions are yours or others, isn’t it just safer to block out all emotions as much as possible? Particularly if you want to be able to go out into society, and not be forced to hermit yourself away. Perhaps this is coming from the viewpoint of seeing it as a curse, and not a blessing. But it is better to lock away a part of yourself, than to lock yourself away entirely.


  4. Your commentary is spot on. It became much easier for myself as well as I got older. The ability to shield yourself is vital to the survival of any empath. The part that many have a difficult time with is the realization that most people do not say what they truly mean or how they truly feel. This is often times confused with others being intentionally deceptive instead of being guarded. Great article!

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