Why the Paranormal?


All my life the paranormal has always been there, and I don’t mean that I’ve been plagued by demons or anything sinister. It was never like that for me. Still, when I saw my first shadow person prior to my teen years, it scared the living daylights out of me. It manifested itself just out of the corner of my eye. It was night time in a very well-lit room. I could feel its eyes looking straight at me. That was what prompted me to look in its direction. As soon as I turned my head to meet its gaze, it vanished into thin air. Even though its presence was nothing malevolent, I was still terrified to no end. I stayed up all night, too afraid to sleep, until the sun came up the next morning.

I’ve had several encounters with shadow people throughout the years since then, but I’m no longer afraid. Unlike many people who have negative encounters with shadow people, mine are quite the opposite. I experience no malevolence at all with shadow people. It’s almost like I get a sense of observance from them. Their presence is always “split-second” when they appear, then they’re gone.

I’m also an empath. Always knew I was different, but never knew how to “label” my ability until I reached my adult years. An empath is someone who is highly sensitive (in the supernatural sense) to others’ energies and emotions. To many, this ability is often thought of as a curse. I used to think this way as well and that was only because I didn’t understand what was going on. But now it’s no longer a curse for me. Rather, I consider it a gift that I’m very proud to have.

Growing up I usually kept quiet about the paranormal, only spoke to very few about it. My selective silence was due to the judgmental fear of what others thought. I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy. So often is the paranormal viewed by many as something that’s dark and evil. Although, that’s not necessarily the case. The paranormal realm does consist of entities that may bring forth malevolence, but so does the world of the living. There are wicked people that walk around every single day. Spirits can also be very loving and full of light. However the spirit was during their living state, is how they often are once they have passed on. Meaning, that a person can carry on the same characteristics even after death.

The study and research of paranormal activity is extremely fascinating to me. I openly embrace the unknown, but with caution. I never provoke the spiritual world. I would never recommend doing that. Don’t provoke the living and don’t provoke the dead. It’s all about respect, I believe. And just because someone finds interest in the paranormal doesn’t mean that they’re living a “dark life and going straight to hell”. That’s for the narrow minded to believe. To better understand things, one must open their mind. Knowledge is never ending. One of my all time favorite quotes is by Michelangelo. It says, “I am still learning.” … and yes, for me that even applies to the paranormal.



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12 thoughts on “Why the Paranormal?

  1. I love the paranormal, though I would not wish for the power to see or feel spirits or other things from the beyond, I can’t help but kind of find myself curious as to how that must be. I am constantly researching and watching paranormal articles and shows, whatever I can get my hands on.

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  2. Could this paranormal stuff begin at an adult age, i have been cursed with be able to touch people without physically touching… It all started we i heard voices, when people walked by, but they were no talking, so i experiment by asking question by the results that i received, it was like there thoughts or talking to themselves in their heads.. The touching came later i don’t really want to tell how i experimented with this subject..

    It has slowed down now, could it be the time of the year or where the moon is or something i have not thought of?

    It seem you know more than i do!

    i would rather talk through e-mail…


  3. Your right we learn something new with every case i been hunting and researching the paranormal and lost knowledges of the world for over two and a half decades. If i ever feel like ive learned all i can its time to quit and try something new.

    Great read and pkst as always.

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  4. I’ve had similar things happen to me throughout my life. I’m trying to open back up to it. After my mom passed away I severely shut down and since then I have hardly noticed anything beyond my own senses. It seems to be slowly coming back into focus now. I’m noticing more things and starting to see those corner of the eye things again. Once in a while I see them right in front of me, like I used to. I didn’t realize I missed it until it went away.

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  5. Hello, and thank you for a wonderful and courageous post. I think many people are afraid of whatever they don’t understand, and that is unfortunate and why so many might judge you wrongly. I agree with the quotation you used and that we should always continue to learn.

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  6. It came from your heart. Beautiful thoughts. We are not alone. You are not crazy. They are apart of us and we are a part of them. It is looking outside of the box. Keep smiling.

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  7. Great post!!! Here is what I don’t understand about people that judge those who believe in the paranormal. Most of the time they are church-going types and they go to a place every week to worship something they have never, ever seen. But yet, mention that you believe in the paranormal, and you have actually experienced the paranormal, seen things such as shadow people, ghosts and they think you are nuts. Go figure!

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