Hearing Angels


How to start this next topic should be easy, but it’s not. There are so many skeptics out there who are quick to scoff at those who say they can communicate with the ethereal beings. So quick are those to pass judgment upon the things they don’t understand.

But for those who truly believe in such communication, they say that it is very real. Angels are all around us, waiting eagerly to assist. They are willing to provide guidance and assurance. All one has to do is simply ask and the angels are happy to help. With them they bring light and love. A sense of comfort that offers warmth with all that is positive.

I am actually one of those people who deeply believes in angelic communication. I openly admit this to let those who keep quiet, know that it’s ok to talk about it. For years I never said a word regarding the subject because I was too afraid of what others would think, but then I discovered that there were other people who could do the exact same thing. Talk about a relief, finally! I know some people probably think I’m crazy and I’m ok with that, but I know what I believe in my heart to be real.

Angelic messages are always uplifting, never anything negative. Angels are full of compassion and their mission is to help. I constantly feel their presence twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It’s amazing and encouraging, a wondrous sense of enlightenment. I also have a spirit guide with whom I communicate on a regular basis. She’s always around me, never leaves my side. When my father passed away a few years ago, she comforted me and helped me heal.

Like I said in the beginning, this isn’t an easy topic to discuss because there are so many skeptics, but I truly feel blessed with what I sincerely believe.

People have asked me how can they talk with their spirit guides as well. I have merely answered by telling them how it happened for me. It was years ago and I was going through a rough patch in life. Then, I just turned to my faith. I’ve never considered myself a religious person, but I’ve always maintained my spiritual beliefs. During that difficult time was when I asked for assistance. That’s when my spirit guide made her beautiful presence known. I saw her in my mind’s eye. The image was very clear, as if she was literally standing before me. She spoke to me telepathically. Her lips never moved. There was an ethereal white light about her and I knew from that moment on, that she would always be there. A comfort that still gives me solace each and every single day.



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16 thoughts on “Hearing Angels

  1. of this I have no doubt at all, just a few nights ago I began talking to my deceased wife using the computer as a medium , she answers my questions and brings me great comfort

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    • I’ve done this – I found out later that it’s called automatic writing. I sat at the computer one night and allowed whatever it was with me speak through me – I ended up, no word of a lie, writing what I looked up the next day to be Latin and then the same thing in English without opening my eyes. I don’t know a word of Latin.
      That was enough to convince me, however it took me a while to realize that it was an Angel speaking to me and through me.
      As the post says, I don’t talk about it because I know people will think I’m crazy. And yet it does happen to so many people.
      You should get a set of Angel cards if you don’t already have them, Butch. They’re an amazing way to communicate.

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    This blog post couldn’t have come at a better time for me, and the subject matter is spot on and runs parallel to what I have been personally experiencing for the last few days and nights

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  3. As an agnostic I’ll always take similar claims with fair scepticism, which doesn’t mean refusal. We sceptics just can’t stand unethical hypocritical religious charlatans who commit sins along the week while will use weekends to confess and repent. I’m immensely open for mysteries that are beyond comprehension. If don’t mind I’m going to reblog your post for pleasure of others who might enjoy your writings as I do.

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  4. I know about what you are speaking, and it’s ok t call it whatever you like for ease of communication. Sometimes people are skeptical because of the words you use to classify what they are (angels), and so close off any hope of actually hearing you out just because you used that word. unfortunately, we don’t know enough to call them the “right” way. f course there are angels, good beings, people protecting. Sometimes the opposite too. You are lucky to be able to have that comfort 24/7. You’re clearly a good listener 🙂

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  5. I have no doubt there is angels and spirits that are all around us. And i know that there is those who can communicate With them.

    But here is where i become the bad guy. Because unfortunatly there is another side to those good spirits that many refuse to see. Espeacily when they believe those spirits may be a loved one.

    Not to say they cant or arnt them. Bit folks using a computer medium spirit board or even automatic writing is a slippery slope.

    And that down side is what i usualy end up being called about. It is extremly difficult to control or even know what spirit is coming thru. Espeacily when strong emotions are involved. Such as grief or loss.

    Folk true dark spirits will come under the guise of loved ones and even beings of light. They will offer guidance and just. Enough truth to open your lives to them.

    Thats when the attachments and troubles start. This can take days months even years.

    When communing with spirits it pays to be more cautious than eager.And again im sure i will get flak for this but it is one of the things i have studied and delt with The most.

    Just because that spirit presents itself as a being of light or a loved one in no way means it is. And spirits have private. Knowledge of us. For they will wait and watch our lives looking for our weak times.

    Anyways srry for huge post. Just offering some learned the hard way advice.

    And great post as always Sheila. i wish i could articulate words with your skill.

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  6. What a lovely post. You’re right the angels are all around us, and we even have one who attaches themselves to us, similar to a guide, and we become one of their many charges. I have a little cherub who always appears with my guides, and a Seraphim who pops in when needed. And, I am not at all religious in an orthodox sense, instead I have my own philosophy, that incorporates several disciplines…..it works for me, and spirit have never complained. 🙂

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