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You’re my paranormal author!” says Al Kalbach, producer and owner of Daymarks Productions.

Writer and empath, Sheila Renee Parker is an expert on all things paranormal. Sheila’s blog and popular speaking engagements delve deeply into the power of the mind and spirit. Sheila is followed by thousands of people eager to hear her words about the mostly undiscovered world of spirits, ghosts and gifts, and being open to the unknown. Sheila is author of the novel “The Spirit Within,” and is an internationally acclaimed poet.

Sheila’s latest release, The Spirit Within, is an intoxicating story of a betrayed love with a unique supernatural twist.

This is a paranormal romance. Perfect for young teens, young adults and everyone who believes in the spirit within. College student, Cassandra Blakemore may seem to have the perfect life on the outside with her loving family and friends, but on the inside she harbors a terror created by her abusive boyfriend, Raleigh Nichols, who quickly sinks his way deep into the bottom of the bottle. Cassandra’s emotional strength suddenly emerges but at a price as she’s faced with her worst fear. Battered and betrayed, she soon discovers hidden abilities while her own secrets unfold. As if levitation, telekinesis and premonitions weren’t enough, what else is Cassandra Blakemore hiding?









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169 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. I just read your about section and I am happy to connect. I absolutely have a love of Spirit! I am one of “those people” ha, that have no fear of Spirit only excitement and the love of communicating with them! Your book Spirit Within is definitely now on my must read list. Have a blessed weekend.
    Peace Kathleen

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  2. Love knowing another empath is around (well, virtually)! Thank you for following my blog.
    Let us know if you would like a book reviewed. I love paranormal, especially paranormal romance!

    Happy Reading!

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  3. Just fill out the contact form on the front of our page. 🙂 We prefer ePub or PDF. J.A.Steckling has a Kindle, so Kindle-only versions would need to be addressed to her.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

    Happy Reading!

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  4. Hi there, Thanks for following Angels- They Say It’s Time, it seems there are more and more of us speaking up about our abilities to see on the other side of the veil. I’m interested to read your blog posts 🙂

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  5. Hello. Thanks for stopping by and liking my short story ‘C is for Cassandra.’ As I read your about page, I was struck by the coincidence of ‘Cassandra.’ 😀

    Cassandra is a great name for a psychic, is it not?

    I’m glad you stopped by as it gives me a chance to check out your blog and your work. I love paranormal stories.

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  6. Hi Sheila! Thanks for dropping by and liking my blog, “Shamana in the making” 🙂
    Your interviews of different personalities connected with the paranormal really rock! 😉 I’ve learned so much from them and look forward to reading more. Why don’t you open an online program on the paranormal and we’ll also listen/watch that ;)?
    Chat with you sometime!

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  7. Always nice to be discovered as well as to discover. Plan to download and read your novel in the next few days. I know you responded to “Ghost” thinking it was one thing only to discover something completely else. Might I recommend The Technicolor Dreamer as more to your liking? Thank you for stopping by my online writing studio. I look forward to perusing your work as well. By the way, I was somewhat perturbed at one of your Amazon reviewers revealing the end to your novel. There should be some disclaimer at the beginning.

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  8. Thank you for liking / following my site. I’m offering my little corner of the internet universe as a kind of welcoming living room or a relaxed coffee shop setting where many open minded wonderful people can gather and share their experiences and thoughts, which is why I am openly and freely divulging mine. I believe we all have so much to share, as well as to learn from each other. I wish you much continued success, ~ Mr Model.

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  9. Hi Sheila,
    Thank you for liking & following my site 🙂 I cherish this new connection with you as nothing is really coincidence – just curious what this connection will bring.
    Your blog seems very interesting too and I’m looking forward to your posts! 🙂
    – Shiho

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  10. Hi Sheila,

    It’s Bill, the voice-over guy who was in the store the other day on vacation .I just wanted to drop a quick note to say I enjoyed the conversation and appreciated your patience. You do good work! I looked over your site and was impressed. Reply at your convenience and have a great day!


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      • You’re welcome! I find it hard to have interesting conversations in these here parts. 🙂 (East Texas-Tyler)

        Do you have any thoughts, ideas, or experiences with telepathic communication with the Sasquatch people?

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      • I’ve never experienced any kind of Sasquatch encounters. However, I do find the topic to be rather interesting. There have been far too many reports of sightings and such that help claim the existence of the creature.

        I definitely believe in them.


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