Meet Cassy Blakemore

If you’ve read my novel, The Spirit Within, then you’ll know who this young lady is…. the main character, Cassy Blakemore! Join Cassy’s gripping journey into the unknown as she discovers deep-seated secrets and supernatural powers!


Who is this intriguing young lady?

She’s a mousy nineteen year old college student who’s major is in art with hopes and dreams of owning her own gallery one day. Her name is Cassandra Blakemore, but to those dearest to her, she’s affectionately known as Cassy. She tries to live a simple life with her boyfriend, Raleigh Nichols, a rugged mechanic who Cassy’s Uncle Mitch sorely dislikes, but tolerates for the love of his niece.

Raleigh, who claims he loves Cassy undeniably, soon finds comfort by delving deeper into the bottle. His insufferable alcoholism takes an unruly turn as he becomes abusive towards Cassy. It’s at this point in her life that she’s faced with her worst fears.

And as if all of this wasn’t enough, not only does she endure verbal and physical abuse, Cassy discovers a whole other side to herself that she never knew existed. Cassy starts to have premonitions, experiencing ESP right before horrible things happen. Also, supernatural abilities of levitation and telekinesis begin to show through Cassy’s newly found powers.

She’s terrified and confused. Fight or flight. She has to decide. As she moves forward, she meets new people, embraces new love with a mysterious bookstore clerk named, Drew Stevens, and learns about deep-seated family secrets that are shockingly revealed.

Cassy struggles, but finds the strength to travel down a path to empowerment. She becomes the Phoenix that rises high above the ashes of adversity. Cassy discovers The Spirit Within!


Here is the sketch that I did of Cassy Blakemore, the main character of my novel, The Spirit Within. Prints of my sketch are available at…



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(“Cassy Blakemore”. Sketch by Sheila Renee Parker.)




Interview with Psychic Sirena

Today I’m welcoming astrologer and ghost hunter, Psychic Sirena. Thank you, Sirena for stopping by!



Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a second generation Los Angeles native. My friends would describe me as kind-hearted, compassionate and loyal to a fault. Besides reading Tarot, I’m involved in animal rescue and I have 4 cats of my own. I love all animals but cats are near and dear to my heart.



At what age did you become aware of your abilities?

I was a small child – can’t really remember the exact age but probably around 4 or 5 years old. I saw a man all in red – even his skin – and he was carrying a mailbag. I asked my mom who that was and she didn’t see what I saw. Many years later I realized it was probably Mercury who is the god of communication, hence the mailbag. As I grew older, I was always aware that there was someone with me, sort of like an imaginary friend, if you will. This person is still with me and it is my Spirit Guide.



What does it mean to be clairaudient and clairvoyant?

Clair-audient means you can hear sounds or messages from the Spirit world. That is how I do my Tarot card readings. I hear messages from my angels and guides as well as the angels and guides of the person I am reading for. Clairvoyant is described in the dictionary as someone who has the ability to see the future. That is true but it also means you can see a vision or picture in your mind. When I am doing a reading for someone I can sometimes see actual visions of what they are asking about. If it’s about a person, it’s not always clear, but I can see an outline of someone and it usually appears to me like one of those color sketches you can get at Disneyland. Other times, I will see something about my own life that will give me a reference as to what the message is I’m supposed to be giving. For instance, if I see a hummingbird that is my symbol for a grandmother. I’m also clairsentient meaning I can feel certain things such as hot, cold, pain, sadness. And I’m claircognizant meaning there are certain things I know but can’t explain. I’m very good at predicting the sex of a baby and when it will be born as well as when people will pass away. I will tell people about babies if they directly ask but not about leaving the physical world. That is about your own life path and not for me to say.



You’re also into ghost hunting. What kind of paranormal experiences have you encountered?

I can’t see spirits but I can sense them. I’ve seen spirits twice in my life and both times it scared the BeJesus out of me so I think they know not to reveal themselves to me if they want to communicate with me. This is one of the reasons why I don’t like hospitals. I can sense their energy and they all try to talk to me. My grandmother used to communicate with me by flashing the lamp on and off. I went thru tons of light bulbs during that period. People used to tell me there was something wrong with the light socket but after I told her to stop communicating with me in that way, the lamp stopped flickering. I’ve also had my TV go off for no reason and one time I got into my car and the radio was on. I had not put the key in the ignition yet.



Do you incorporate your psychic abilities into conducting paranormal investigations? If so, how do you protect yourself from anything negative?  

Yes, I do use my psychic abilities in order to communicate with the people who have passed on. I can hear them talk to me even when I’m not always able to sense them. I ground myself by protecting with white light and asking Arch Angel Michael to be with me. Afterwards, I will smudge with a sage stick so I don’t bring anything home. The end of the Haunted Mansion where you might pick up a hitchhiking ghost is a very real possibility if you don’t ground and protect.



Your website is Tarot By Sirena: Tell us about it.

Besides purchasing a reading, you can purchase your astrology chart. But what’s really popular is the synergy – or compatibility chart – because ladies always want to know what they can expect with their partner whether it be a new lover or someone they have been with for awhile. Astrology charts are also great for kids and I have given them as gifts when someone has a baby.



Tell us about your tarot reading services and how people can contact you for their very own session.

My readings are done via email, Skype, FaceTime, phone or in-person. People can book a session on my website as there is a drop-down menu where they can purchase the reading that best fits their needs.



What’s next for Sirena?

I am researching a book that I hope to have written by early next year.



Any words of wisdom you’d like to share?

I’m not sure if this would be considered words of wisdom. My specialty is love and relationships. My grandmother used to tell me, “Es mejor estar solo que mal acompanado, Mija” which means it’s better to be alone than poorly accompanied. Life is too short for bad relationships or waiting around for someone to make up their minds if they want to be with you. I have taken that advice to heart and although it has been lonely at times, I sleep more peacefully.





Vampires: Bloodthirsty or Energy Fed?

Recently I watched the classic 1987 vampire film, The Lost Boys. Great cast, awesome storyline and a killer soundtrack! I was just eleven years old when I first watched it on the silver screen and it was at that young age when my fascination with the fanged creatures emerged.

The Lost Boys, a group of reckless youths embracing their immortality that try their best to recruit an unsuspecting newcomer into their bloodthirsty ranks. Reluctantly he resists, but with a struggle so defiant that he almost gives into temptation. The forces of good and evil battle it out with a nail biting ending that’s sure to satisfy the hunger of any horror fan.

I have honestly watched this movie so many times that I’ve seriously lost count. But every time that I watch it, it’s like watching it for the first time all over again. I loved the eccentric grandpa, especially when he used Windex as aftershave right before he left to go out on a date with the widow Johnson. That scene cracks me up every time! The grandpa even said one of my favorite movie quotes… “One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires.”

However alluring these creatures of the night may seem, romanticized by some of Hollywood’s finest, in the paranormal world a similar creature has been reported to exist.
It’s often referred to as an “energy vampire”. Unlike its popular counterpart, the energy vampire doesn’t have pearly white fangs that are waiting to pierce the warm flesh of its victims to taste the crimson nectar that we call blood. These preternatural beings are said to appear as shadows without any definite shape or form. How they “feed” is by finding a host (someone that the energy vampire can psychically latch onto) and drain the individual of their energy. This supernatural creature can emit negative energy that weighs its victim down emotionally, mentally and physically. Their victim can experience a great deal of exhaustion, possibly a lack of appetite and even depression that can become so intense through time that professional help may be required.

Having a positive mindset will strengthen one’s well-being and a fierce belief in one’s inner light can easily negate anything that’s negative. There’s an ethereal beauty that resides in the light within us and there is nothing that can darken our will power as long as we remain strong!

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Interview with Nadine Mercey

Today I’m welcoming Nadine Mercey from Destination America’s amazing television series, Ghosts In My House. Thank you, Nadine for stopping by!


Sheila ~ Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Nadine ~ I’m actively working to change the way people think about health. My résumé is backed by leading doctors and directors of the current health care model. For 10 yrs I’ve been gathering global leaders, scientists and researchers in forming new wellness platforms in business, healthcare and schools. I’m a director of the World Alternative Health Council and Canadian National Autism Foundation and a mental health advocate.
Currently spending my time writing, filming and producing film stories and teaching this in a multi- media platform to help people transition into healthy long lasting relationships. I am the host of a TV show for Discovery Communications in the USA. I love researching the fine line between the rich and the poor…and proactively being part of the solution.



Sheila ~ What is a high vibrational healer? And how did you discover that you had this ability?

Nadine ~ Do you ever short circuit electronics?… that’s me! My energy so I’ve discovered works on binary 111’s. I naturally am a source for high energy that has the ability to release thought form feeling and emotions in others that tends to be a source of dis-ease in people. I don’t look at the medical diagnosis/(the labels)…I have an ability to see/sense vibrations in people’s energy fields. Consciously I can work with your energy, so that you are aware of what you can’t sense…to shift to make the right choices for you. When they do at their own free will…my energy seems to be able to transition the lesser vibrations away. This process enables the client to physically heal themselves.


Sheila ~ Do you believe that we all have special abilities? And if so, what advice would you offer to those who are aware of their special gifts, but might be too afraid to embrace them?

Nadine ~ We all are conduits for energy, yes. Especially if you are congruent to humanity and doing what is right for the highest and best interest of yourself and others around you. Electronic currents flow from the ground to the sky. They can flow naturally and the body can store them if you are a balanced individual.

My advise: learn to become congruent! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Stay open and watch your shadow/archetypes (you know old language …how you got that cookie out of the cookie jar from mom and dad…)

Be curious about yourself! Be kind to yourself and others. Judgment is so hard on our energy fields. Reconcile your energy before you go to bed and wake up new and refreshed in the morning. Eat well, exercise, meditate. Most important …MAKE CHOICES …not make a choice is a choice…you can’t make a wrong one?



Sheila ~ Was there ever a time that you might have considered blocking your special gifts?

Nadine ~ Sure! I’ve cried rivers and oceans … “why me…give this to my neighbor”! To have a dream about your husband and wakening to know that that relationship is un healthy. My family has been pretty judge mental of me in the past. Don’t worry mom and dad, I’m not leaving the “tribe”.
It’s most difficult setting boundaries…people unconsciously compete for energy all the time. It can be challenging separating the learning…who’s does this belong to…? As a true healer, it’s hard for me to say no and a I love you. Some days I just want to shut it off and watch a movie and hang out and eat pizza with a friend. You just can’t shut if off. You never know what someone will prophetically say or ask you. I’m always aware and ready to connect a dot. I run on altered states and ready to help people…Theta they say almost always. It can be challenging to do business. People always take the time to share their hurt stories…and they come undone when I’m trying to get things DONE! ? I’ve seen grown businessmen cry at a fine dining establishment to confess. I’m still single…to date someone like me you really have to be able to look at yourself…you know have your s#*t together (in a world that is changing so much that is a task in itself in which I would love to block the gift)…it’s not that bad looking into my eyes?



Sheila ~ What was it like having a career in real estate and having your abilities? Was there ever a time that prevented you from working with a particular property or an unsettling location?

Nadine ~ NOPE! I am a very strong business person. I know my worth and my client’s worth. The people/events/energy in homes seek me to help. I respect this. I don’t sneeze without consulting my energy to make choices in business/real estate! Intuitively I found dozens of raw land for potential development outside the urban boundary in 2006. Currently I’m securing offers on the largest tracks of land ever to sell in Northern Ontario. You have to be intuitive to be working on these deals…. against all odds they are the only ones the government has and will pass outside of the boundaries. I’m so glad I worked on my intuition to get these jobs done for the highest and best interest of both the seller and the buyer. The buyers I find also with my intuition.


Sheila ~ Your exciting new television series on Destination America is called Ghosts In My House. What are some of the highlights of working on the show?

Nadine ~ Wow! I never meet the owners of the home. I don’t know what city, home, or why we are going there. That task is exciting in itself. Prior to getting to the location, I will connect with the energy of the home and pin point who called me in and why. Sometimes it gets me searching for physical objects in my own home…that drives me nuts! 2 months later going to a home on location, I found the object. THAT was NUTS! We have revealed to the owners helpful ways to empower themselves. I find it rewarding to be able to language it for them. That show was shot in 2011. I just watched it yesterday. It freaks me to the accuracy of the details I get when in an altered state. I can still feel the very same energy and had to meditate last night to get it off. People don’t realize how thought feeling and emotion can effect us….for a very long time. Today’s TV audience can be very sophisticated. They also can “tune-in” to the truth. They know when they have been hoodwinked! BIGGEST highlight of this show is it gets people to relax in their own homes, and brings answers to questions they have had. It’s a confidence builder! THAT is the highlight for me.



Sheila ~ How do you mentally prepare yourself before going to a location?

Nadine ~ I LOVE that question, thank YOU! Two hrs before (in make-up prep) I love spending time with Jasmine. She grounds me. No one else can be in the room. THEN I leave her (she can’t come because she has grounding energy…) and get into the car with a driver to the location one hr before taping. Only the driver and I C-R-A-N-K up the tunes …rock…that I can sing too or play air guitar too. The base, Middle C tunes calls in my energy and calls in the owners energy. I don’t speak. I don’t think…I totally get into my zone and connect to spirit / my higher self this way. Then
The only ones that can come into the home with me are my camera man, Chris and sound guy, Luke. I’m used to working with them. Their energy is amazing. I’m strict about no messing too many people around me. I want to be pure in the readings.


Sheila ~ What steps do you take when it comes to preventing any type of negative energy from attaching itself to you?

Nadine ~ I don’t think about it honestly. It’s more important to know who I am…



Sheila ~ You’re also an author. Can you tell us about your books?

Nadine ~ Yes. Deeper Souls Less Shoes was about my awakening between worlds. What I thought made me happy in my choices being in the material world…you know buying shoes as therapy. Many crisis moments happened, I got sick, divorced, dreams and visions were lounder! My children started talking another language to me… It was BUSY. I was unhealthy. The only thing I could do was to surrender to it ALL. Take time for myself to go within to the silence to arrive and how to heal myself inside out. The book was written 2000 – 2006.

So much has changed since then. I just finished (I believe) the next book.
The Goddess Wears Nada. It’s a continuation of the first.

Wanna know what’s creepy…? I was told the first and second book (before I realized I would write a 2nd) would be a movie. A man (whom I have never met) in a foreign country sent me a movie script. He has been waiting for me for a few years. He wrote a script …yes, it was about my life. Since then I’ve partnered with Francis Ford Coppola’s ex-CEO on another film. He asked for the book to read…gulp. He’s interested in the energy. In the first book I met Clint Eastwood…he’s been watching me since and picked up the book to read. Who knows where this is going…I’m very curious.

Lately, the energy is pulling me to Scotland/England…I’ve been granted the opportunity to own a royal artifact. When I get there in the next month or 2, this will start book 3. (and hopefully meet the gentleman who wrote the movie script…) We shall see..



Sheila ~ What’s next for Nadine Mercey? Any upcoming events that you’d like to share?

Nadine ~ I rrreeeaaallllyyyy want to do events!!!! Once this business foundation building settles a bit. Nothing more rewarding than connecting with people eye to eye…face to face! (whoops…I think I just threw it out there…)

Thank you kindly for the questions. I hope I have helped to spark
many creative thinkers to help heal themselves and others…

with love


Nadine is actively working to change the way people think about health. Her resume is backed by leading doctors and directors of the current health care model. Nadine has a talent for gathering global leaders, scientists and researchers in forming new business models to help people change their communities. Nadine with her creative perceptions is very eager to share this information to create new business models in the business world to support their systems. Nadine is a director of the Canadian National Autism Foundation, volunteers at long term health care facilities in Toronto and works with CEO’s of leading teaching hospitals. Leading researchers of associations and global business leaders seek to partner with her.

Nadine is the 1st healer in Canada to be recognized by insurance companies without the direction of a physician; 1st natural healer to be recognized by leading directors and scientists of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Nadine is a valuable source for new information in the new biological model of Epigenetics.

Nadine is a TV Host Discovery Channel appearances, Destination Amercia, Netflix, The Marilyn Denis Show, CTV National News, Canada AM, CP 24, SBS Belgium, A K2 Estonia, VB UK Ltd., Les Chaines TAstral Canada, PCable France,A&E Latin America, VProduction LLC Russia, Norway, Costa Rica.




Deeper Souls Less Shoes (book)

Edgar Cayce & The Akashic Records

There are people of all walks of life throughout history that have claimed to have the gift of foretelling the future. People like Michel de Nostradamus and Ellen G. White, but the one that really catches my attention is Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce was a devout Christian who was born March 18, 1877 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and died January 3, 1945 in Virginia Beach, Virginia at the respectful age of 67. He was a prophet who supposedly had the ability to tap into the Akashic Records. These intangible records are said to be a collection of mystical knowledge that’s been encoded on an ethereal plane of existence referred to as the astral plane. The Akashic Records are thought to include every single experience known to mankind since the beginning of time. These records are supposedly pretty intense because according to them, nothing is hidden. Every minute detail of our existence is said to be imprinted within them. However, there is no scientific validation that these records actually exist.

Edgar Cayce would often refer to the Akashic Records during many of his readings. While conducting the sessions, the people for whom he was doing the readings usually would not be present. Their questions, ranging from personal to health, would be given to Cayce. He would then lie down and enter a trance where he would access the Akashic Records. His wife, Gertrude Evans Cayce, guided the readings for him. Unfortunately, Cayce’s earlier readings were not documented, but according to an article in the Birmingham Post-Herald released in 1922, it stated that Cayce gave over 8,000 readings followed by an addition of up to 14,000 more readings after that date.

Edgar Cayce claimed that he didn’t remember anything mentioned during his sessions once he was out of the trance-like state. He believed that our unconscious minds have access to information that our conscious minds do not. Not only could Edgar Cayce tap into the Akashic Records, he also claimed to have the ability to perform astral projection, which is the ability to travel in astral form outside the physical body. Many people refer to this phenomenon as an out-of-body experience (OBE). Cayce was considered as a prophet who reported to have foreseen major events like both World Wars, the Great Depression and even the assassination of the 44th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

Skeptics believe that Cayce gathered his information for his predictions from the articles and books that he read. Skeptics also criticize Cayce’s support for alternative medicine, which they view as quackery. Edgar Cayce became quite the celebrity before his death. He was even known as the most documented psychic of the 20th century.

~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.

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