A Board Known As The Ouija

The night was calm, dark and still. To this day, I remember it extremely well. However, many a year ago, it was a Saturday, a horror story of bold. Two other girls and I, together we were three, collected around a board known as the Ouija. Slowly, we placed our fingertips upon a small piece of wood called the planchette, dreading impending moments of regret, with fears of memories we wouldn’t forget.

With bated breath we deeply inhaled, then proceeded to ask things in great detail. For with the hereafter we wanted to converse, in a series of questions that were unrehearsed, like “is there anyone here?” and “how did you die?”. Then seconds later we got a reply. As scary as it was we were told “yes”. One simple word that made us become speechless. For we weren’t the ones who had replied, it was quite obvious by the fear in our eyes.

We continued with questions of more and we were answered with terror galore. With whom we had reached from the other side, was trying to come through with nothing to hide. Their answers were clear and their actions then too, for they were knocking over candles in the adjoining room. A room unoccupied with only a dim glow except for the entity’s unwanted show. Their presence was felt with heavy intent and we three girls were starting to resent unleashing this darkness that wasn’t fervent.

We stopped that night all due to fright and quickly put the board away locked up and tight. Our hearts raced without skipping a beat from what we had just witnessed that made the facts concrete. And even though it’s been so many years since that night with the swelling of tears, never again in front of me has there ever been another board known as the Ouija.


(A poem by Sheila Renee Parker inspired by one of her actual                                                                         paranormal experiences.)


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Suicide Forest

Sounds like such a frightening place doesn’t it? Suicide Forest, full of despair and darkness. It’s located at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan and is also known as Aokigahara. This fourteen square mile forest is so thick with trees and other natural formations that it makes it difficult to hear anything that doesn’t belong there.

If anyone wants to visit the Sea of Trees, be forewarned for it harbors an egregious reputation. It’s reported to have an association with demons and more than fifty suicides took place among the woods in 2010. Sadly, this forest is one of the top three most popular locations worldwide for suicide. Up until around 1988, nearly thirty reported suicides occurred yearly. These lost lives have not gone unnoticed. Because of their tragedies, a warning sign has been erected at the beginning of the trail pleading that anyone contemplating suicide to please consider their loved ones and to contact a suicide prevention hotline.

Why the dark history? It’s believed that an old Japanese custom referred to as ubasute was practiced there until the 1800s and that the victims of this tragic era are to blame for the hauntings. Ubasute refers to an act where an elderly relative would be taken to an isolated location and left there to perish, be it by starvation, exposure to the elements, dehydration, etc….. all for the sake of euthanasia.

This weekend a feature film has been released titled, The Forest starring Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney. Here’s the cinematic trailer…




Suicide is nothing to take lightly and should be treated as an extremely serious matter. The following is contact information for suicide prevention.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (website)          1-800-273-TALK (8255)



the forest




Below is a photo of the warning sign pleading that anyone contemplating suicide to please consider their loved ones and to contact a suicide prevention hotline.

suicide forest sign


As Christmas vastly approaches, many of us celebrate with family traditions and regaled storytelling. However, some tales aren’t so lavish and magical. In fact, some are the makings of horrible nightmares. The story of Krampus is certainly one not to be ignored.

Krampus, a humanoid creature bearing a pair of wicked looking horns atop his head, resembling that of a sinister being set out to wreak punishment on all misbehaving youngsters during the Christmas holiday season. Unlike his jolly counterpart, good ol’ Saint Nick, Krampus doesn’t have a fantastical list of names that “he’s checking it twice and gonna find out who’s naughty or nice”. Nope, according to tradition that began centuries ago in Germany, Krampus begins appearing throughout the towns on the eve of December 6th known as Krampusnacht. His mission? To seek out the ungrateful children, snatch them up and take them back to his lair where he commits unspeakable acts of torture. This Christmas Devil is quite nefarious and isn’t exactly my cup of hot cocoa when it comes to memories of a warm holiday season, but still rather interesting. Interesting enough that a feature film has been released throughout the cinematic world titled, Krampus.



Folklore claims that this evil beast is the son of Hel. In Norse Mythology, Hel is a female who rules over the realm also known as Hel where many dead are said to go. According to Norse Mythology, Hel is the daughter of the shape shifter referred to as Loki and the phrase “Go to Hel” simply means to die. Not exactly an idyllic family tree compiled of warm holiday sentiment.

So, my question is this….. Since Krampus is a dark being of irrefutable fear that weeds out the bad children from the good, is he in cahoots with our beloved Santa Claus in order to help restore the light in humanity? Hmmm…. Question to ponder….



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Krampus 1

Interview with Jax Menez Atwell

Today I’m welcoming adventurer and private investigator, Jax Menez Atwell from the History Channel’s Missing In Alaska. Thank you, Jax for stopping by!



Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Always a difficult question for me. What we are as a person isn’t what we do or titled as. The scars, trials, lessons learned, passions, memories, etc. are what make any of us. What I am and always have been is an inquisitive and adventurous person. That led me into law enforcement at an early age and led me out of it about 9 years ago into private investigations. I love not having the red tape of government to conduct the investigations that I want. To live and love an occupation that you are passionate about and that makes you happy is truly a blessing.



You have years of experience working in law enforcement. What’s the transition been like in becoming an important member of the History Channel’s television series, Missing in Alaska?

Being part of “Missing in Alaska” as an investigator is just the next investigation. All investigations are basically the same the details are just different, but the approach always has to be the same. Now as a man, the opportunity to be part of such an amazing opportunity has been life altering! Alaska is truly one of the most beautiful and misunderstood parts of the world. The show has allowed me the opportunity to see and do things in Alaska that would take a lifetime to compile.



Can you share with everyone what Missing in Alaska is all about? And when does it air on t.v.?

History’s “Missing in Alaska” is a series of investigations into why people go missing. The twist on the show is a look into Alaskan native folkore, paranormal, and cryptid or unknown creatures. Alaska has a plethora of ways you can go missing but the show’s objective is to look into some other possible ways people may disappear.

The show has been on both History and H2 (History 2). There are 13 episodes which have all been played but they tend to do marathons and run a series of episodes all on one day. Additionally, the show can be streamed on things like hulu, roku, apple, etc.



Would you say that the cases you currently investigate are anything like what you’ve dealt with in the past?

They are different in the fact that the objective of the show and mainly my fellow investigator, crypto-zoologist Ken Gerhard, is to prove the existence of something previously just held in lore and legend. With those factors involved it’s very important as the pragmatic part of the team to keep us on task, keep the evidence pointing in the right direction, and not jumping at the emotion or elation that comes with discovering the unknown or previously undocumented goals of the investigation.



Are you a true believer of the unknown or do you view things skeptically?

I am extremely skeptical. I’m surprised I have been accepted in the crypto world with such open arms. I want to see the evidence. I want to put the pieces together and prove or disprove. Do I believe some of the investigations are a possibility? Sure! There is always the chance that what we are investigating has a plausible explanation. Plausible isn’t enough for me to say that something really exists though. It is fun and exciting though investigating these things!



What has been the most “eye-opening” case for you thus far on Missing in Alaska?

Well it definitely wasn’t the most exciting and the science behind it was hard to keep your mind in the game, but the investigation into HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). This investigation looked into the possibility of the government and other governments tinkering with things like weather and mind control. This has been going on for decades by the world’s super power nations and is very scary to think about what they might have and probably are continuing to do.



What’s your favorite part about being an investigator and why?

Being an investigator is who I am. Investigating for me its more of a way of life. I love what I do and I can’t imagine doing anything else! Finding the truth to anything is so extremely rewarding. The journey to the truth is such an amazing process that I revel in! Additionally, being an investigator means that your daily routine is constantly different which keeps life fresh.



What’s next for Jax Menez Atwell?

I’m back working on my case work. I get case work based on word of mouth and the reputation I’ve built. I’m a jack of all trades and pretty much handle anything that comes my way. I’m primarily based out of Arizona but I travel all the south and northwest states for case work. The what’s next part is the exciting part! That is what is in God’s hands! I’m looking at opening another office in the Boise, Idaho area soon so that should be exciting!



Any positive words of advice you’d like to share?

Life is what you make it. I love adventure. I love seeing and doing with my own senses. Being an adventurer doesn’t take a big budget or tons of resources. I guarantee there are mysteries and adventure close to where anyone lives. Being an adventurer is just opening your eyes and getting curious!!!

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