Interview with Blaine Duncan

Today I’m welcoming Blaine Duncan, director of the upcoming film, The Paranormal Diaries: A Documentary Film. Thank you, Blaine for stopping by!



Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in a very small, rural community about 45 minutes west of Minneapolis, Minnesota where I lived with my family. This is a small town that’s filled with a few farms, a bar, a church, a small Catholic school and not much more. It’s very much your typical small, Midwest community that you see in the movies and on TV. The house I grew up in always had some strange things going on inside of it. Things would disappear. Lights would turn on and off by themselves. There would even appear this strange smell of cigarette smoke that would fill the air out of nowhere. And this wasn’t like a cigarette that you would smell out at the bar on a Saturday night, this was the smell of distinct, old tobacco. My brother Austin, who is actually out filming with me this summer, had an incredibly scary experience when he was only four or five years old that involved a door slamming shut and a disembodied voice telling him to “be quiet”. So there were some really scary things that were happening all around me and to family living there. As a kid, even from a small age, I was very interested in the paranormal. So interested in fact that the only paranormal book that was in my school’s library was removed from school because some of the nuns felt that I was reading it too much. Pretty funny stuff. But as the only person in my family at the time who was into the paranormal, and even the only one who believed in the paranormal to a degree, nothing ever happened to me outside of smelling the old cigarette smoke. I wanted to interact with whatever was there so bad that I went as far as playing with the ouija board by myself, but again, nothing ever came of it. It was like whatever was there knew I was onto it and it wanted to stay clear of me. So then fast forward 20 or so years and here I am now, still interested in the paranormal. I’ve since then had several paranormal experiences myself at other locations and finally had that moment where I could no longer question whether or not the paranormal was real. I became very interested in filmmaking growing up which has led me to the point I’m at now shooting my own film documenting the paranormal. In a way I kind of feel like whatever it was that avoided me as a kid in my own home has driven me to want to discover the paranormal in every corner of the world.



You’re currently working on the film titled, The Paranormal Diaries: A Documentary Film. What is your film about?

The Paranormal Diaries: A Documentary Film is exactly what the title describes it as, and that’s a video diary about my road trip across America in search of some of the most haunted locations I can find. The idea for the film started back in 2009 or 2010 when I decided I wanted to create my own film on the subject. I’d always been into the paranormal and I really began to develop a love for independent filmmaking. So it took me from 2009 up until this point to really play around with the idea and get everything in line exactly the way I wanted, and I’m finally at the point now where I’ve gathered my equipment and have taken the steps needed to turn this idea into reality. We’re really hitting the back roads of America and finding these unknown locations that most people have never heard of when it comes to paranormal investigating. When we think about the paranormal we automatically think about places like Amityville and The Stanley Hotel, but what people have to realize is that there are just as active of locations as Amityville and the Stanley out there, they’re just completely undiscovered yet. So by us grabbing our film equipment and hitting the road, we’re stopping at any location we can come across, sometimes in these small, rural towns that are barely a blip on the radar. You’d be really surprised at the amount of places that we have stopped at where people will gladly point to a creepy house on the corner in town and say, “go talk to them about their house”. And then we do and find all kinds of crazy things are going on there, but it’s been so hush-hush in the community that no one has ever investigated it. So we’re really excited to have the opportunity to be the first ones into a lot of these places. We’ve had some really positive experiences so far and we’ve also collected some really great evidence along the way.



What has been the driving force behind creating such a production?

My driving force is, and always will be, my passion for the subject of the paranormal and filmmaking. In my opinion when a spirit gives me a really great EVP or a really great visual piece of evidence, the best thing I can do is to present that to the world. I mean when you sit back and think about it, how cool is it that we are actually communicating with people that are no longer living? It’s sad that they’re no longer living, sure, but that is just the unfortunate truth about life. But if I’m given undeniable proof of the existence of the paranormal, I believe it’s my job to pass that along and show that to the world. So my driving force will always be my love for this subject, my passion for filmmaking and of course my desire to present the best possible evidence to the world.



What are your views regarding the ghostly realm?

That’s a really great question and I think it’s such a deep and intense question that I don’t know that I can truly answer it entirely for you. There’s no doubt in my mind life after death. We all know that we’re made up of energy. It’s a scientific fact. And it’s also a scientific fact that you can’t destroy energy. So where does that energy go once we die? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I believe there are probably spirits around us in many places throughout our lives, but we just don’t have the ability to interact with them. I believe there is such a thing as residual ghost activity and that some of the spirits that still walk this planet may not realize that they’re even dead. This could be in many cases those spirits who lost their life suddenly like in a car accident or a murder, something along those lines. But then I think there are other times when spirits are fully well aware that they are no longer alive and they are here for one reason or another. Maybe unfinished business, who knows? Maybe they feel such a strong desire to watch over their loved ones that they can’t pass over. I look at the steps that have been taken scientifically over the last two decades in regards to documenting paranormal activity, and the leaps and bounds we’ve taken to document proof of the afterlife. I truly believe we are on the cusp of revealing to world the most scientific research that proves ghosts are real. And I also believe my film will support that.



When will The Paranormal Diaries: A Documentary Film be released for all to see?

We are out filming right now, this summer, across the country. We should wrap up filming in late August and will take the fall and winter to edit and focus on marketing. Hopefully by early spring we can start a few screenings and feel out how receptive people are to it, make any changes that are needed and then have the official release date be sometime next summer. I’ve been telling people August of 2017 is what we’re aiming for, but that also gives us a little wiggle room in there for any unpredicted roadblocks. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you see it before then.



You’ve recently launched an Indiegogo page. Share with us where people can find your Indiegogo page so they can help take your project to the next level.

Yes! I launched an Indiegogo campaign a few weeks back to help support the film financially. For those who are not familiar with Indiegogo or crowdfunding in general, it’s really become the new way to get a lot of projects completed on the independent circuit. Initially when I first began filming, this was going to be 100% out of pocket and I didn’t want to rely on anyone else to fund the film. Well, a few weeks out on the road made me realize that in order to accomplish what I want to get done in a timely manner, there is really no way I can continue at my current pace to support the film entirely by myself. So I started my Indiegogo campaign and am trying to raise $15,000 for the film. This will cover travel expenses, filming costs, equipment costs, those kinds of things. For anyone who knows anything about independent filmmaking, $15,000 is really not a lot of money. In some locations we’re going to film at, they want over $1,000 just to film there. So any little money that people are willing to give would greatly be appreciated. If you go to and type in The Paranormal Diaries, our page will pop up and you can read through it. And people should also know that with each donation you give you can get different perks ranging from a signed promotional card all the way up to credited as an associate producer in the film, which you’ll actually be allowed to partake in conversations down the road and make some production decisions with the rest of the team. I keep saying that this film is being done by paranormal enthusiasts, for paranormal enthusiasts, so for anyone who is interested in donating to the film, I promise you that you’ll get every dime of your money back with the finished product.



Where can paranormal enthusiasts get updates about this exciting film?

We’re currently working on launching a website for the film, but for the time being they can track me down on Facebook or do a search for The Paranormal Diaries film on Facebook. Feel free to send us any messages you have whether that be comments on the film or ideas for locations to investigate. We’re always open to suggestions and love being able to interact with people who are interested in the film.



What’s next for Blaine Duncan?

That’s a great question. This film will get finished by me one way or another. Sure, I’m hoping I can get some money to help financially support the film, but even if I can’t, I care so much about it and my passion for the paranormal that it’s going to be released one way or another. So hopefully next summer you see us release the film to the world and it can gain exposure through social media and we can travel around and show it off. This whole project has really been a dream come true for me and I hope I can keep it up for years to come. Who knows, maybe we’ll do another film and travel around Europe doing the same thing? I’m just happy to have the opportunity to expose my work to the world, and hopefully people will enjoy it and it will give them something to talk about. It seems the paranormal community in general has been at odds with each other, so maybe my film can be something that can bring everyone back together.



Any positive words of advice? 

I would tell anyone out there who is reading this to stay focused on whatever your goals and dreams are. If you want to be a professional NFL quarterback, get out there and start throwing some footballs. If you want to be a rock star and make your own music, grab a guitar and start practicing. I wanted to make a paranormal documentary that would be different from anything that had ever been done before. It was my dream to do that and I’ve finally gotten the opportunity to take this head on. My passion and drive to see this thing come to fruition is beyond anything I’ve ever done before. The only person out there who can stop you is you, so don’t be your own worst enemy and make whatever goals you have happen.



Blaine Duncan

The Paranormal Diaries

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Interview with Brandon Alvis

Today I’m welcoming paranormal investigator, Brandon Alvis. Thank you, Brandon for stopping by!


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

“I have always had interests and questions about the paranormal after tragically losing two brothers, one to cancer and the other to suicide. Starting with a few friends using standard tools and procedures, I realized the many mistakes “commonly found” when investigating the paranormal. This motivated me to propagate a team specializing in many fields and to develop new methods not only reliable but convincing, introducing the “scientific approach” and naming this team: “American Paranormal Research Association” aka A.P.R.A. This new approach has propelled A.P.R.A., becoming a highly recognized name. APRA’s hard work, dedication and passion to this science are greatly respected, often allowing A.P.R.A. to investigate in areas normally closed-off to others. Pioneering fundraisers and special events, I along with my team, provide participants an insight into the paranormal wherein proceeds go to the preservation of the historical structure. My determination to find “cold hard facts, to prove or disprove” makes A.P.R.A. what it is today.”



What’s your reason for getting into the paranormal? A personal experience, curiosity… or?

“In 1995 at the age of eight years old I lost my oldest brother to cancer and in 2004 at the age of 17 I lost another brother to suicide. This sent me on my journey into the unexplained, to try and prove the existence of life after death.”



You’re the president and founder of APRA (American Paranormal Research Association). What is your association all about?

“American Paranormal Research Association is a scientific paranormal research team that was put together solely to investigate historical locations throughout the world. Founded in 2006, APRA’s goal is to open the eyes of the scientific community in trying to understand the unexplainable and to obtain proof that life after death is a great possibility. Our mission is to collect hard, irrefutable paranormal evidence to present to the public and scientific community.”



What kind of locations does APRA investigate?

“APRA solely investigates historical locations. We base our investigations off of events that we believe lead to a haunting.”



Mind sharing some compelling evidence that you have captured?

1.) The Queen Mary Apparition – In the winter of 2008 the American Paranormal Research Association APRA conducted an Investigation of the RMS Queen Mary’s First Class Pool. The footage you are about to see was collected during a EMF sweep of the changing stalls, the only people present where two APRA Members and a Security Guard. You be the judge of what is present in the clip.

2.) Villisca Axe Murders (Girls Screaming) – The most disturbing audio data collected by the American Paranormal Research Association was during a paranormal investigation of the J.B. Moore Family home. The audio data collected was the screams of what seemed to be young girls. Take a listen for yourself.



What’s one of the most memorable paranormal encounters that you and your team have ever experienced?

“The first one that comes to mind was at the former Kings County Jail in Hanford, CA. Both Michael Rudie and Matt Goldman had the feeling that something was going to throw them over the second story railing. We collected a EVP that backed up the claims of both APRA members.”



How can the American Paranormal Research Association be contacted?

“You can reach us at Twitter @APRAParanormal Instagram as well as Facebook.”



Any upcoming events for your association?

“We will be at the upcoming Preston Castle Fundraiser event in September of 2016.”



What’s next for Brandon Alvis?

“I will continue to further the science behind Ghost and Hauntings, continuing to collect data to present to the public and scientific community in hopes that we can propel this research into a true scientific field.”



Any words of wisdom you’d care to share?

“Always remain scientific in principle. As a field we should advance research from a pseudo-science to a true science. Data is key, always share and test data collected in the field. This is how we can further paranormal research.”



Brandon Alvis





Interview with V. Duwane Ledbetter

Today I’m welcoming paranormal investigator and author, V. Duwane Ledbetter. Thank you, Duwane for stopping by!


V. Duwane Ledbetter holds a PhD. in Philosophy Specializing in the Paranormal Sciences, C.P.I. (Certified Paranormal Investigator). He is the founder of the Russellville Paranormal Investigation, LLC organization. Duwane is a freelance investigative writer who is mostly interested in paranormal activity stories. He enjoys helping and working with those who have experienced an incident of the otherworldly nature. His writings are based on actual paranormal phenomenon experiences. He writes in the fictional genre for readers who love to be taken on adventures like the paranormal investigator himself. He is married to wife Linda and they both live in Russellville, Arkansas with their two dogs, Candy and Marceline. He is a retired veteran of the United States Army. He has four sons Duwane III a former Marine, Ryan U.S. Navy, Christopher U.S. Army, Matthew his youngest son who is a member of the RPI – Russellville Paranormal Investigation team, and two step-children Corey Light a Computer Graphics & Design Tech, and Amber Light currently attending Arkansas Tech University.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I like to write about actual paranormal experiences, but I am working on factitious short stories. LOL! I think that I have always been curious about the paranormal from an early age. However, like most families we were never to talk about anything supernatural by nature. I served in the U.S. Army until being medically retired in 2004, as with anyone at the ripe old age of 34 I became depressed and very closed off to people. One day in 2009, I believe it was, I decided to forgive everyone and everything so maybe I could become a better person. I did! In short, some memories started reappearing and made me very curious of what I was meant to do. Founded the Russellville Paranormal Investigation, LLC organization in 2012 and decided to get state approval so I then legalized with the state of Arkansas in 2013. The emphasis with the RPI is to help individuals and business in need.



You have a PhD that specializes in paranormal sciences. What exactly is Paranormal Science?

Love the question Sheila. Every group has a way of doing investigations. Paranormal Science is the study of theories relating to ghosts, spirits, Malevolent Inhuman Spirits or (MIS). PS studies included the types of hauntings, true nature of orbs, types of equipment and how to use them, how to conduct an investigation, and the roles of team members. What trigger objects are and how to use them. The role of belief dealing with the paranormal phenomena, parapsychology, remote viewing, para-anthropology, psychokinesis (PK) and Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK), working with psychics and mediums, how to do cleansings, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), and so much more. The PS course study even included the Parapsychology and Ufology side so that we are able to investigate all things paranormal.



You’re the founding member of the paranormal investigative team, Russellville Paranormal Investigation, LLC. Share with us a little about your team?

My team is a great one. We work great together. I could not ask for a better investigative team. It was just me for the first couple of years, well my sons and I anyways. The team actually started I believe in 2014 after some of my members now, had joined me on my first ever-paranormal activity tour in Booneville, Arkansas as spectators. I guess they liked what the RPI offered in terms of what the organization stood for. What a night that one was.



What are some of the most frightening experiences felt or witnessed by you and your fellow investigators?

The Booneville paranormal tour was my first tour and it had some scary moments for sure. However, one of my most freighting experiences was back when I was a child about 10 years old when I found cattle in the field mutilated. I remember lights the night before in the sky. I even remember the feeling of weightlessness not being able to get back to the ground, as I would just float up into the night sky. Abduction, I do not know, but I do know that I remember being scared of sleeping at night in my room. However, the demon cases have had some heightened fear to the ticker meter.



Do you follow the same routine with each investigation or do you vary with your techniques depending on the situation?

It really depends on the situation. For instance, not all cases are the same. No matter how similar they seem at the time, they are very much different in every way. The questionnaires that a client fills out are a baseline for the paranormal. With this form, styles questioning you only need one form for Hauntings, UFO’s, and Cryptozoology. What the RPI deals with is all things Paranormal! Hauntings, UFO’s, Cryptids, and Demons. Though all cases involve some of the same characteristics, not all cases are handled in the same manner. The RPI is prepared for any type of paranormal infestation.



What’s your favorite pieces of equipment to use during an investigation?

The equipment we most frequently use is the Fuji digital camera, the Olympus digital voice recorder, and a full spectrum video recorder; however my favorite piece is hands down the K-II EMF Meter. I like it for the simple fact I can turn it on place on a mantel, bed, or just about any place I’d like, walk away to a spot still in the room start recording for EVP’s and still be able to monitor the readout for changes



What kind of places do you and your team investigate and if someone wanted to contact you in regards to a possible investigation, how would they be able to do so?

As I stated earlier in the first question, we offer help to individuals and businesses in need of answers. If someone needs our help they can contact us by phone (479) 567-5651 or email If someone is in need of help we offer our services in Arkansas and the surrounding bordering states. There are no charges for our services or help and if we take you on as a client, we are with you until the end never leaving anyone to deal with the problem alone. We do however; ask for monetary donations to help with costs and expenses. Donations are always a blessed welcome.



You’re the author of the book titled, Paranormal Stories. Can you tell us what your book is about?

Paranormal Stories is about my first ever-paranormal tour. Taking 40 plus individuals through the halls of an old Southern Hospital in Booneville, Arkansas to a haunted Inn in Pottsville, Arkansas back in 2014. The stories between the pages are the actual accounts of the individuals with nothing changed. Even a couple personal stories of a friend I went to high school with and myself.



Where can readers purchase their very own copy of Paranormal Stories?

You can purchase a copy with an autograph from me along with a matching t-shirt at:
Amazon paperback or Kindle devices:
Barnes and Noble paperback:



What’s next for V. Duwane Ledbetter?

I am currently working on my first fiction styled book about The Paranormal Investigator, right alongside the second installment of the Paranormal Stories series. Of course, I am still conducting investigations, tours, and always looking for ways to help my local town.



Any words of advice you’d like to share?

Being a Paranormal Investigator is a rough thankless job at times and comes with no compensation. However, my compensation is knowing that I have helped someone in need. Especially when it deals with a malevolent inhuman spirit, like as a demon. You must always protect yourself against the darkest and most fowl of evil for you never know what you are dealing with until you start your interrogations. Never treat spirits unkind or harass them in any way. Treat the spirits, as you would want the person next to you to treat you. Always with respect! Never go into a place without permission, never go in alone, and never think you are alone – for you are not! If you would like to join up with a group, research how they conduct their investigations or ghost hunt, making sure that they are true to the cause. Always learn something new; never think you know everything there is to know about the paranormal. I am always going to classes, expos, conventions, joining other tours, other groups on investigations, and reading every book I can on everything paranormal.The Spirit Within is a shining example of what I am referring to on research. No matter what the subject or story is, there is always something to help you somewhere down the line.





Interview with Kristin Lee

Today I’m welcoming intuitive spiritual medium, reiki master and author, Kristin Lee. Thank you, Kristin for stopping by!



Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Here is my website

A personal side of me, I like a quiet life. I work full-time as a contractor for California Psychic’s. I’m a Reverend High Priestess of the old Stregerian religion (Italian witchcraft). I’m a mom and a wife. I enjoy writing, photography, cooking, and sowing. I have a cat named Salem. I graduated from Argosy University with a master degree of Forensic Psychology & my undergrad was Behavioral Psychology and Organized Business Management.



At what age did you discover your gifts and how have they impacted your life?

When I was a child I always played with pretend friends. I had no idea they were spirits, or angels. When I was older, I realized that there was life after death and I had been “different” & “aware” of spirit all along. I grew up with my father’s side of the family Roman Catholic and my ma’s side was very spiritual. My Ma, Gram, & Great Gram had the “site”.




You’ve appeared on the television channels: The Syfy Channel, Lifetime, A&E and The Bio Channel. What’s that been like for you?

I first appeared on A&E My Ghost Story because my house was haunted and my family was terrorized but what dwelled inside of The Bellaire House. We lost our home to 2 flash floods and were homeless. FEMA came to the flood zone, assessed what was left of our home, and a few weeks later gave us $25k to rebuild our lives. I was at work and found 1699 Belmont Street on line. I called the realtor, that same day I met the realtor to look at it and signed a promissory note on the fire place. The next day the realtor called and accepted the bid. Two weeks later we moved in.

I didn’t notice anything paranormal about the Bellaire House because I was so mind strong on getting a stabilized home for my kids and our five-year-old black & white pit bull Bella. I just wanted a home. If there was anything paranormal about the home I didn’t feel it or allow myself to tune into it. I was on a mission to reach stability and rebuild our lives.

Shortly after we moved in I was a asleep on the couch and I felt the cushion go down- like someone was sitting down at my side. I opened my eyes and saw a gray figure of a man, he was transparent, he was thin, facial hair, and he wore a hat. I sat up and screamed, “Who are you?” He stood up, walked into the foyer and vanished. That was the first profound experience I had inside the Bellaire House.



You’re the author of 1699 Belmont Street, A Portal to Hell. Can you give everyone a description of what your book is about?

Yes, I’m the author of this book. The book is about living inside a extreme haunted house. It is a very personal, heart wrenching story about how my family was separated because of the hauntings inside the Bellaire House. It also tells the story how Mike & Amanda McCalsister with Ohio Valley Paranormal Research Society collected data to help me identify what we were dealing with. I wrote the book for the next homeowners of 1699 Belmont Street. After I was held down to the bed, pushed down the steps, and Bella was thrown against the wall. I left the home and filed bankruptcy on the Bellaire House. When the legal matters were over, I felt free of the Bellaire House for about a week. The Bellaire Code Enforcer called me and told me I needed to come back from Boston to Bellaire to take care of the Bellaire House. Jim Chase, the Bellaire Code Enforcer said I still owned the house, the Belmont County Auditor didn’t want it, the Bank didn’t want it and squashed the debt due to it being haunted and gave me the house back. I had to leave the life I started in Salem, MA and come back to Belmont County. I have been stuck here all this time dealing with the Bellaire House. Getting back to the book- I wrote it to give the next family a heads up. I never imagined I would still carry the attachments to the house or the book would go viral. I seriously wanted a “normal” life without paranormal or hauntings. I wanted to raise my kids, bake cupcakes and be a wife & mother.



Where can readers purchase their very own copy of 1699 Bellmont Street, A Portal to Hell?

There is a link there.

Also if you google “1699 Belmont Street, A Portal to Hell” by Kristin Lee on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel you can find it.



What’s the history of The Bellaire House and why is it so haunted?

We don’t have proof of the reason why it is haunted, but the history is this….

The house sits on a Leyline – that means there is a constant source of paranormal energy that goes in and out of the house. Researchers also discovered the Bellaire House sits on top of a coal mine portal where 42 men were killed in a explosion. Behind the house is a Native American burial and their caves- they practiced magick. In front of the house is the Ohio River.

As a team of researcher’s Chrissy Carter, Amanda McClasster and Mike McClasster found Jacob Heatherington, owner of the coal mine. When he died, he left it to Eliza (his daughter) she died in the dinning room. Her death record is in the book. Her brother was grieving her loss and moved into the house to be close to her. He hired mediums all over the USA to connect her to him. He became so fascinated with the afterlife he began studying seers and the art of mediumship. We believe he opened portals. Joe Estates closed the 11 portals 2.5 years ago. That night was super intense! I never want to live that again. But portals do not stay closed for long. Anyone can provoke spirits to manifest even after portals are closed or catholic rites are administered.

The last renter found a room where he confirmed that the Bellaire House was an Underground Railroad for the slaves.

There are rumors of it being a funeral home but that has never been confirmed. The French and Indian war was on this land too- Moundsville, WV is 8 miles from this location.

There is more….but you can learn about the rest of the story at the website:


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The Event Oct 9th with Bishop Long

Past EVP’s

I’m not sure what is going on in relation to the activity because I haven’t been in there in two years. However, Oct 2, 2015 Moonlite Paranormal Society was the first team inside the home in 3-4 years. They were supposed to stay until 7am but they texted me a little before mid night and said they were wrapping up. Chris Appis, the founder said the house was at its worse.

Actual text message from Chris:

“Hate to say it but we are done. We got 66.6 on the Mel meter and the wardrobe in the attic was almost pushed over on to Jason. And it suddenly got very heavy. Everyone is done except Sarah but I am not leaving her alone.”

The next day Chris reported this:
“I just wanted to let you know how we all are. Dawn says she is ok but had been really emotional. I get real nervous and scared when we talk about and I will get real shaky and my top lip will twitch. Trying to work thru it. I did talk to Jason and he said he is fine but he is in terrible pain on his left side and don’t know why. I have known him for 2 years and have never complained of any kind of pain. Rhonye said she is just void of energy no matter how many naps she has taken today. And I am not sure about Sarah. I have not heard from her since around noon and she was just getting ready to use her kosher salt and wanted to know what to do because she had never used it before. We told her she needed to do it when she got home but she didn’t until 10 hrs later. I don’t know if that matters or not.”

A few hours later Chris texted me this:
“Ok just heard from Rhonye and she was having some issues half way thru the night with her shoulders- said they were burning and felt like someone was squeezing her extremely hard. She ended up going to Med Express today because it still bothered her and they told her that she has a sprain in her neck and shoulders. I really, really hope Bishop Long can help. And everyone stays safe. It is gonna be very trying.”



What has been some of the most compelling evidence captured at the house?

The Ghost Box session when the spirit said “Hi Kristin.”

The second part of that night was the disconnected lights in the attic turning on.

Ashely Anthony was bit by something inside the Bellaire House.



Anything malevolent ever happen to you while living there?

Pushed down the steps, held down to the bed, investigators have been bitten, had neck and shoulders sprained. My dog was thrown against the wall.



The Bellaire House is open for professional teams and private tours during the month of October. How can people contact you to schedule an event?

Actually, the Bellaire House is open all year round to teams of at least two years and para researchers. No one wants to buy the house being what it is and I can’t rent it out being what it is. Our para community needs the place to research more and learn about what we are dealing with. So, it is open all the time.

Find us here…

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Any words of wisdom you’d care to share?

The Bellaire House will be undergoing a rite with Bishop Long. He will calm it but it will never remain calm due to people provoking. I DO NOT recommend provoking inside the Bellaire House. We welcome head strong spiritual warriors of God to come to the Bellaire House to learn and teach what they learn. The Bellaire House is a hot ticket right now….it is for sale as a business or residential. I want to walk away and have a semi “normal” life. My good friend Andrea Perron said “We will never have a “normal” life after the paranormal. Tell your story. “I’ll tell my story as long as I don’t have to go back inside the Bellaire House“. The second book is in the works. The stories inside the second book are far more terrifying than the experiences I wrote about into the first book. I undergo therapy 3 times a week because of a major injury triggered by possession of someone who spent time in the Bellaire House. The second book will be out October 2016- keep an eye on the Bellaire House FaceBook page and website for more details.



kristin lee












Paranormal Investigative Equipment: What’s Your Pick?

There are so many different types of equipment that one can use while conducting a paranormal investigation, even supposedly fully equipped ghost hunting kits that claim to have everything one needs. Interesting…. do these kits come with an unlimited supply of batteries? Ghosts are known to drain batteries for the energy. So, if these kits don’t come with batteries, they’re not fully equipped now are they? Just a random thought… 😉

Anywho, the pieces of equipment that an investigator can add to his/her collection can be quite impressive to say the least. The technology and research required to create such devices go way beyond my level of education. Such devices like a full spectrum digital camera that can be used to capture videos and photos. Another one is the Ghost Box Ovilus that “converts environmental readings into real words”. Then, there are Rem Pods that detect energy disturbances and fluctuations. And, there’s even digital thermometers that are created to locate temperature changes. The list goes on and on with the various tools that one can use in hunting the paranormal. Pendulums and divining rods are a couple of other ones as well. The routine and methods used are as unique as the investigator conducting the investigation.

Here is where I want some interaction. From you, the daring individuals who aren’t afraid to go out and search for the unknown. Tell me, share with us all, what’s YOUR favorite piece of equipment to use while investigating the spectral realm? And why?




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Mark & Debby Constantino

By now I’m sure that many of you have heard about the tragedy involving EVP researchers, Mark and Debby Constantino. Sadly, they died yesterday. Here is the link where more information can be found about the shocking discovery.

Such a devastation that still leaves me in a state of disbelief. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a long time. Mark and Debby were both respected and well known in the paranormal community. Together they made appearances on Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State where they assisted with investigations. The Constantinos shared so much wisdom and insight that will never be forgotten.

According to the police reports made, domestic violence played a horrific part in their marriage. Something that is absolutely heartbreaking to discover. My heart goes out to the Constantinos and their loved ones. Mark and Debby will certainly be missed…..

National Domestic Violence Hotline (website)        1-800-799-7233 (phone number)





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Interview with Wolf Paranormal Investigations

Today I’m welcoming the paranormal investigative team from Wolf Paranormal Investigations. Thanks everyone for stopping by!


Can you tell us a little about yourselves?

We are a small group of people in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who are dedicated to helping people find answers to their questions about what is going bump in the night in their homes and/or businesses.  We don’t get paid to do this; for all intents and purposes, we are, essentially, volunteers.  This means that if we’re called to a location too far away for us to return home the same night, we will ask for assistance with travel, fuel, and/or accommodations expenses, since all of our expenses are out of pocket.  We do accept donations, and we’re grateful for them, because they are what help us to get to those locations and to get the equipment and other resources that we need in order to do our jobs effectively.


How did you get into the paranormal? Was it because of interest or a personal experience?

A lifetime of unexplained events beginning from the age of two until today drove me, demanding more of me than I thought I could give, teaching me along the way that if I did nothing else of value in this life, the one thing I *would* do was to show people experiencing similar events that they were not and they are not alone in what they’re going through, that someone does understand and will do as much as is humanly possible to help them.


What type of places do you investigate?

We will investigate wherever we’re called.  We investigate homes, businesses, abandoned buildings (only with permission, though), and any other locations we might encounter in our daily lives that are reported to be haunted.  We do tend to stay away from locations that profit from being haunted, however. For example, some pubs that have long been reported as “haunted” are places we will stay away from, because those locations do make money from that reputation. Can you imagine being a pub owner making money from supposed ghosts hearing from us that we found answers to what people claim to see/hear/feel?


What methods do you use during your investigations and what’s your favorite piece of equipment?

We investigate using a variety of methods ranging from voice recorders and EMF readers (Electro-Magnetic Field detectors ) to Sensitives.  For example, Shae, our Occult specialist, is able to “read” energies in a location and determine whether it is male or female, adult or child, animal, or something else.  We have a small variety of equipment right now: voice recorders, digital still-photo cameras, a video camera, and a Mel Meter, which is essentially the same as an EMF detector, except that it reads temperature changes along with fluctuations in the EM field.  I personally don’t have a favorite piece of equipment, but I do tend to rely more strongly on the voice recorders, because they’re highly sensitive and can pick up sounds from quite a distance away.


Do you investigate the paranormal only in your local area or do you travel to other states as well?

Well, Canada has provinces instead of states, but currently, most of our investigations have been fairly close to home.  We have traveled to locations a couple of hours away from us, but as yet, that’s as far as we’ve gone.  If or when we are called to a location in a different province, and if there are no teams closer to the client, then of course we would make arrangements to get there.


What’s been the scariest location you’ve visited so far and why?

The scariest location… Hmm.  Well, I don’t know about “scary”, but Green Hill Mine in the Crowsnest Pass definitely had us on our toes!  The second night of our second investigation of the location resulted in all of us experiencing a sudden, very intense feeling that we had to get out of there or something very bad would happen.  Everything about that evening was somehow off – it’s difficult to describe it, but even the moon looked “off” in a weird kind of way…


Can you share with us some of your most compelling evidence captured such as EVPs or video footage?

The best EVP capture ever caught was actually caught in my own home, back in 2010.  The voice is male, and it very clearly says, “Good girl…”  Here is the video link if you’re interested in watching the clip, which I called “Sleeping With Ghosts” (note: the blog link near the end is no longer in effect):
The best video capture I’ve documented so far was, again, captured in 2010, in my own home, when a door closed by itself.  The video is called “Closing Doors”.  Here is the link if you’re interested in checking it out:


Would you consider yourselves skeptics as well as believers?

We see ourselves as “open-minded skeptics.”  This allows us to work from a perspective that demands concrete proof while still allowing for the possibility that what we may have seen/heard/felt may have been something without an immediate, logical explanation.


What’s your advice for those who want to become paranormal investigators?

For those who are interested in becoming paranormal investigators, there are a few very simple but critical things you need to know.  1. Forget everything you’ve seen on TV.  Most of the reality of this work is left on the cutting room floor during editing, and generally speaking, viewers are given only the investigations that provided at least one piece of possible “evidence.” The actual reality of this field is that we spend countless long, often tedious, mind-numbing hours reviewing and analyzing data. It’s exhausting, and nine out of ten times, we get nothing for our efforts.  Usually, it’s a one in 1000 chance that you’ll capture something genuinely unexplained either on audio or video.  2. *Never trespass!*  We cannot emphasize this strongly enough. It’s difficult enough to gain credibility and respect in this field; trespassing can not only be physically dangerous (e.g. in structurally unsound, abandoned buildings ), it also has the effect of painting the entire, global paranormal community with a very unpleasant, quite unfair brush.  If you don’t have permission, oh well. Too bad, so sad.  It’s that simple.  3.  Never investigate alone.  If you get hurt, you have no one to help you.  If something paranormal happens to you, you have no witnesses. Depending on the severity of physical injury, no back-up could cost you your life. For paranormal experiences, no witnesses means no credibility.


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